Building interpersonal communication skills for leaders and employees.


Business is personal. Help your people talk with people.

The message is only as effective as the messenger. Your people work with each other, with customers or with other people in other businesses. They need strong communication skills. Staff Communications provides training that transfers concepts to actionable skills. Achieve business goals through superior communication.


Leah Staff Communication Consultant

BA Psychology, Speech Communication Minor

My Background

Hi! I’m a communication and wellness expert who prides herself on all sides of 

corporate consulting: thorough analysis, leadership input, alignment with business goals and strategic solution delivery. 

With 25 years of experience as a presenter, educator and coach I have been solely focused on corporate consulting since 2008. I have implemented over 100 programs across Canada with national award-winning recognition in the areas of Communication, Partnership and Wellness. Curious as to why some individuals and organizations embrace change and flourish while others seem to struggle or even resist growth, I summoned all of my courage and returned to school part-time to find out more about communication and human behaviour. In Dec 2018 I graduated With Distinction earning my Psychology Degree, Speech Communication Minor from the University of Waterloo.

I value excellence. My coaching, workshops and training provide superior learning experiences in engaging, interactive environments. Whether presenting to a group of hundreds or coaching a small team of people my goal is the same; improve the workplace communication culture and strengthen professional relationships by empowering people to apply their new skills today.