Communication Training Streams

Communication Essentials

Building workplace communication skills to help your people talk with other people.

From assumed habits to skilled influence  

Growing up, few of us learned exemplary communication habits within our families. Communication is a skill that can be taught, learned and implemented. Educate your employees to skilfully interact with each other, build complementary relationships and switch from "Me" to "We". 

Leadership - It's A Skill

Leadership is a skill that can be taught and learned. Providing communication training to make your managers into leaders.

Anyone can become an influencer. Effective followers require leaders who know how to communicate clearly. Managers and leaders need methods to motivate, engage, collaborate, discipline, direct and problem solve with authenticity. Big asks require powerful skills.  

Millennials to Gen X - Link the Generations

Generations in the workplace.  Millenials. Gen-Xers. Boomers. Link the generations with communication skills.

Face time, am I right? Different generations grew up with unique communication habits. Teach them how to understand each other. Good communication leads to functional relationships.

Team Communication

Can we talk?  More importantly, can we listen?
Cohesive teams enhance creative thinking, problem-solving and collaboration. Teamwork through communication.

Collaboration. Creativity. Problem solving. Efficient operations. All these outcomes require people who know how to communicate with each other. Build high-functioning teams that harness the best from each team member. 

Public Speaking

Public speaking. Workplace presentations. A communication skill that requires training to make the message meaningful and heard.

People need help learning how to effectively present to their coworkers, direct reports or customers. Help them put aside their fear and get the right message to the right audience in the right way.

Women at Work

Women at work. Provide leadership training specific to the interests and needs of women in the workplace.

These leadership workshops provide an environment where women can learn from each other, empowering them with key communication skills for success.

Communication channels. Let's work together.


Face to face training can't be beat. I travel regularly to service my corporate partners across Ontario. My home office is along the beautiful shores of Lake Huron, Bruce County. 


We can meet online. Virtual is effective, budget-friendly, environment-friendly  and easy on everyone's schedule.


It's old-school reliable and can solve many issues quickly and effectively.  One ringy-dingy.Two ringy-dingy.